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State Slimmer of the Year
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Hi I’m Maria!

Thank you for taking the time to hear about my journey. At age 16, I was pedestrian in a motor vehicle accident. The post-traumatic stress I experienced started my cycle of stress eating and a vicious cycle of weight issues, food became my refuge, I would justify eating my feelings. Many instances in life were triggered by stress which would see me add on the kilos without realising how they came about just that I needed to yet again, go another size higher and in turn, lose a part of who I was. Whether it was my mind convincing me it was a stressful scenario or real-life events that I couldn’t deal with, it became a silent way of coping with my environment but not dealing with the issue head-on.

One night, one of my children was unsettled but I was too exhausted from the extra weight to tend to them. It was heartbreaking to think I didn’t have the energy to move for my loved one, it was at that point I accepted that my weight issue was bigger than what I thought and in fact, I needed help. I went to a dietitian that gave me a list of foods I needed to eat but when I went back a month later I had put on more weight! She looked at me and said you are carrying stress and your body is in fight or flight mode. I felt her statement although true her advice was not helping, when you’ve have gained 50kg you are lost in a downward spiral and in need of someone to pull you out and say we can do this together. I found Cambridge Weight Plan and thought this is it, someone I can talk to and guide me through this journey of finding me again, someone that has traveled down the same road as me.

Within months of starting the Cambridge Weight Plan, my father suddenly passed away. It was a sad and stressful time for me, however, I can honestly say I dealt with it in a more positive way because I had my consultant by my side, the weekly meetings were one on one and my privacy was respected, the fact I needed to turn up each week and work through the highs and lows of weight loss really helped me break the stress eating cycle. My consultant has given me the tools to identify and deal with stress in a healthy way rather than turn to food for comfort.

I love what exciting doors Cambridge Weight Plan has opened for me and I am looking forward to working with you and on your journey to self-discovery.

Thank you

What people are saying…

“Week nineteen and I haven’t missed a weekly visit with Maria. That’s because, during these challenging times on a very low-calorie diet and COVID-19, it has been a blessing to meet with Maria at the end of each week. First impressions matter and Maria is welcoming with her warmth and openness. Maria is encouraging, week after week, she motivates me with her words of wisdom and imparts her knowledge about the product. I never feel judged by Maria and I always feel that I’m being heard, she listens! Maria cares and she is genuinely interested in seeing results and reaching the goals that we set. I am extremely happy that I chose Maria as my consultant to help me with the most important part of my health.”

-Helen Cheltenham

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