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I have always described myself as “short and fat” as a way of making a joke about my weight but underneath this wasn’t the case. I have struggled to keep the weight off and having big boobs never helped. I absolutely love clothes and am an avid fan of Op shops where you can pick up unusual and funky items. Most of the stuff didn’t fit so I would end up with ‘interesting’ billowy tent things. Five years ago, I had a breast reduction (why did I wait so long??) which made a huge difference and then I was determined to be the “short and slim” person I wanted to be. This was not easy until I discovered Cambridge which was recommended to me by my sister in the UK who has been a consultant for 10 years. That was the start of my journey to a better me. It wasn’t always easy but with the one to one support from my consultant, I have finally managed to be closer to my goal. My consultant once said to me “if you had a magic potion that would make you thin, would you take it?” My response was “of course!”. To which she replied, “Cambridge is your magic potion”. I took the potion and am well on the way to my goal weight!
My three children have now almost flown the nest, and this is the start to a new phase of my life as a slimmer and fitter me. I can now go shopping for vintage dresses and unique items that now show off my new figure.
Testimonial from Simone, Slimmer of the Year finalist:
“I’m forever grateful for my consultant Lou for being part of my weight loss journey; her guidance and support has helped me through the highs and lows as I continue to reach my goal.”
So, do you feel ready to make some changes? Start looking and feeling the best you can be? Simply contact me and I can be there for you as I have walked the walk!