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Hi!  My name is Loretta.  I am a wife, a mother and I work full time. I have struggled with my weight all my life & think I have pretty much tried every ‘miracle break-through’ weight loss program on the market and spent thousands of dollars in the process!  Each time I was bitterly disappointed and felt like a complete failure for wasting my time & money.

In 2018, my beautiful daughter got engaged.  Someone at the party took a photo of me & I was absolutely horrified.  What should have been a happy time was actually a huge wake-up call for me as it was the first time I really saw myself which I found extremely confronting.  The person I was looking at was very overweight and had no self-confidence.

It was my defining moment and I realised I really needed to take action.  Finally, I was motivated enough to lose the weight that had been holding me back for so long!  When I reached my goal I felt amazing & I now love seeing photos of myself.  I enjoy working out at the gym & eating healthy meals that sustain me.  I also made the decision that I wanted to help people who are feeling the way that I did. I know how hard the struggle is, I have been there!  However, I also know that what seems like the impossible, is actually achievable and I would love to support you to do just that.

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