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I’m a mum with 4 kids, demanding work schedule PLUS all the added everyday life expectations! With an endless to do list, I found myself ensuring that everyone’s needs were being met and deadlines fulfilled I soon realised that I forgot to take care of myself.

I initially started the Cambridge weight plan to support my 18 year old son who through the stresses of VCE had gained some weight. Seeing the INSTANT results I soon realised that while the products were AMAZING the added value of one on one meetings with his consultant was in fact priceless! Having done various diets in the past I knew that this invaluable tool was not only going to make me accountable but also give me ‘me time’ FINALLY I was investing in myself!
I know that this is what I needed to get back on track, not only to lose weight but most importantly to gain back my sense of power!

I love nothing more than supporting and empowering the people around me and seeing their full potential SHINE!

We all tend to get lost in everyday life but I’m here to help you!

Remember. IT”S YOUR TIME!

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