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I LOVE FOOD… Who doesn’t?!

For me it was not just the love for food that played a part in my weight gain, it was the emotional eating, comfort eating, stress eating, boredom eating, and. Well, the list goes on! When my eating is out of control, I feel out of control. Drug addicts and alcoholics must avoid their vice altogether to heal their addiction, but this is not possible with food.

My weight has yoyo-ed for years, I have tried many diets.  I would lose weight slowly, fall off the wagon a few times, have a splurge at the weekend and I am back to square one.  I felt out of control.  It led to a pig-out, then a bottle of wine and then I would tell myself to get on that diet wagon Monday.

When I feel rubbish, I eat rubbish, and heaps of it – it is just the way I am, I’ve accepted that I just need to implement damage control.

I found The 1:1 Diet. It helped me regain control over my eating.

I was living in the UK and I lost 25kg in 2009. I maintained my weight (having splurges every now and again) but then I packed on the weight again when I went backpacking around Australia in 2013. I settled here in Australia in 2018. I was desperate to lose my weight again.

To my delight I found The 1:1 Diet and with the help of my consultant, In 3 months on the plan I lost 25kg. I fell pregnant!  I had to give up smoking and I replaced that addiction with food.  Along with a lack of exercise and living on cheesecake, my weight was at 104kgs when I had my daughter!  7 Months postpartum I was ready to take control back and start The 1:1 Diet once again.

I am now maintaining my loss.

The plan works.  It helped me remove myself from the foods I am addicted to. I am in control of my eating habits.

I will help you keep going and stay motivated to stay on target instead of going at it alone and restarting again on Monday.

Contact me today! And we can do this together.

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