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Where do I start you ask?

It might help you to know where I started:
I’m a mother of two and a nanny to two gorgeous grandkids. Over the years, like so many women, I battled with my weight both during and after pregnancy and found as we age it gets even harder to reduce weight.

Having tried many diets and programs to help lose the weight, some worked at the time and some were just too hard to stick with. We all know the rollercoaster we can go on, though not
necessarily enjoying the ride.

Last year, a post from an old school friend who is a 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan consultant, sparked my interested. She looked healthy and happy and I could see she loved what she was doing.

12 months later, here I am…..a 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan consultant. During this time I’ve been on the plan, reduced weight, enjoyed the products, now fully understanding the steps
involved and had my own 1:1 support from my consultant.

I am eager to help others discover their plan and to support them to achieve results with their health and weight loss goals.

Where do I start you ask?
Contact me for 1:1 support and let me help you discover the new you!

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