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Turramurra, NSW

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Turramurra, NSW


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Thank you for visiting my page, I would absolutely love to be your 1:1 Diet Consultant!

I have battled with weight since I was a teenager and tried many diets with little or short term success. After undergoing two years of fertility treatment I had become heavier than ever! I fought so hard to become a mum and have been blessed with two little boys. I wanted to be healthy, active and confident for myself and my family.

As your Consultant, I will be there beside you every step of the way to guide you, pick you up if you’re having a bad day, motivate you, and celebrate every milestone with you, no matter how big or small.

Every person is different – your goals and reasons for losing weight will be unique to you.

I enjoy helping others and believe in The 1:1 Diet. It’s the ONLY one that gives you dedicated, one-to-one support. Together, we will design an easy-to-follow eating plan that fits into your daily life that will give you the results you want in a safe and healthy way.

When you reach your goal I will be there to guide you through maintenance and beyond so you will never have to go back to feeling this way again.

The hardest part is taking that first step so contact me for a chat as there is a plan for you!


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