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I am a Published author and a coach.  After giving birth to my daughter, I suffered with a back injury and was unable to walk and exercise for a very long time.  I reached 100kgs and at that point decided that something had to be done.  Initially I did a few weight loss programs here and there and would lose a little weight but then would hit a plateau and believed that if I did not exercise I would not lose anymore.  I would get very frustrated, depressed and fall into a cycle of binge eating.  When I came across The 1:1 Diet By Cambridge Weight Plan and saw some great results from others, I decided to enquire & subsequently joined the program.  Since then I have lost another 12kgs, regained my confidence, and am now back into regular daily walking and yoga.  I love the program because it is so easy to follow, you are guaranteed weight loss with little exercise and that is what I needed for my situation.

The great variety of products & food made it enjoyable and easy.  Secondly it has enabled me to take back control of my health & I no longer have back and knee pain.  Thirdly the results have given me back my motivation for life and living!  Last, but not least, I have done this in the middle of the COVID 19 PANDEMIC where stress levels are at an all-time high and the temptations due to boredom, stress, anxiety, not being able to go the gym are all heightened.  The severity of the outbreak and the overall impact on my health and finding balance in the midst of this, and how I come out of it, has been another big factor for doing the program.  And let’s face it, not all of us can do it alone!  My consultant and the weekly one to one support sessions have played a major role in my success with the program.  Losing weight is stressful but with this program, the stress of what I have to do on this journey is removed.  For example: what to cook, counting calories, decision making, exercise – it has all been taken care of.  This was a very big deal for me because I am a busy mum.  My life has become more productive since starting the program, and I am happier, healthier and more confident!

I’m looking forward to supporting my clients in reaching their own weight loss goals.

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