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Being from the UK, I have always known about the great success of the Cambridge Weight Plan. It is a house hold name for the most affective weight loss and weight management. I have seen many friends; colleagues and celebrities turn their lives around. I chose the plan and had faith it would be a successful start to my journey.
The plan is not only known for weight loss and lifestyle change but an aid in the decrease of weight related medical issues, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, fatty liver, high cholesterol and osteoarthritis.
You are able to set a new lifestyle for a slimmer healthier you with weight loss, stabilisation then maintenance. Not just another diet but a complete mind and body transformation. Having one to one meetings to encourage and support we can set regular goal togethers, help you meet your expectations and the 6 steps can fit in with your lifestyle.
I have always embraced being a curvy but there has always been a battle with weight and confidence, like most. After having a baby I was not prepared for how much my body would change. I hit the bottom; I decided post baby body and lifelong weight battles would keep holding me back. Only a few months into the plan I started to find the old me and actually found a whole new me. The one I wanted to be. Pushing for new goals, doing things I have not the confidence to do before. I am now in better shape than pre baby.
I was a finalist for slimmer of the year 2019 and felt after my journey I wanted to be a consultant. I would like to help others find their sparkle and confidence and to be who they want to be.
If you have questions or are unsure what the Cambridge plan has to offer. If you don’t think ‘you’re ready’ please call or come and see me for a chat.
I am based in Moreton Bay. Look forward to seeing you soon to support you creating the new you.

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