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After years of being very physically active and competing in Ironman triathlon events my weight started to creep up as I got older and the exercise intensity decreased. Thinking I would be able to get back to my previous weight by training harder and eating healthier I just could not beat the bulge. After lots of research and investigation I chose the 121 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, as the products not only have independent medical backing in the UK where I am from, but also because of the large range of products and they truly taste great.
I lost 30kg getting my weight down to 85kg – where I could fit comfortably back into my old training kit and I was very happy with this.
If you don’t have the time to train harder(with no guarantee of weight loss results) and don’t want to spend all your free time shopping and preparing fresh food from scratch while dieting, then the 121 Diet is definitely a great approach. You will see fast results which means there’s less chance to get bored or complacent which is always a bonus! No nonsense, no fuss, just straight to the point and great results.
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Private consultation appointments available from my home North of the River (Brigadoon) and also from our health and wellness centre (Herne Hill).
[Evening and weekend appointments by arrangement]

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