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South Morang, VIC

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South Morang, VIC


Monday - Wednesday: 10am – 5pm
Thursday & Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 8am – 2pm
By appointment only during these hours


Works from centre
Remote Consultant
Registered Dietician or Nutritionist

My Story


I’m Jessica. Thank you for wanting to know more about me, my story and why I became a 1:1 Diet Weight Loss Consultant.

I’m very passionate about health and fitness and this comes through in my previous work as a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. Over the past six years, I’ve helped so many wonderful people overcome their health concerns and completely change their mindsets for the better. Knowing that is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world and is what has kept me motivated to remain in the industry and continue to reach and help as many people as I possibly can!

I’ve realised that I’m very drawn to those who come to me desperately seeking help with weight management, whether it be to lose or gain weight, to be healthy and feel happy within themselves again. I feel this is an area of health that really resonates with me as I have witnessed both scenarios of overweight and unhealthy with family members and underweight and unhealthy within myself, and the struggles that come with either goal.

I’ve never been overweight. Not once in 30 years. I know this is very different to any of the other consultants’ stories which you may have already read, and you might be thinking “how could she possibly understand the struggles involved in losing weight when she’s been skinny her whole life?” Truth is, the two have a lot of similarities.

While they may look very different from a physical perspective, go a little deeper into the mind and you’ll realise they’re not so different after all. Whether you need to lose weight or gain it, both can have the same mental and emotional effects on health – discomfort, dread, insecurity, anxiety/depression, stress, and that voice in the back of your mind doubting everything that you do. Overweight or underweight, both have their individual consequences on our state of health in every aspect of the word, and we don’t want to be either of these, but rather find a happy medium that can be sustained and where life can be enjoyed just as it should be.  At the end of the day, we have the common goal of just wanting to be healthy and comfortable in our own skin.

I have a great understanding of the struggles involved in weight management and how to overcome these obstacles to reach your full potential and finally get to a state of being healthy and happy, and I hope that you will allow me to use my experience and skills to help you achieve that for yourself too.

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