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Hi I’m Jess,
• Have You Ever – Worn long sleeves all through summer just because your arms were too big to be bare?
• Have You Ever – Worn bike shorts under your clothes because your thighs rub together?
• Have You Ever – Said NO to anything because you couldn’t walk the distance?
• Have You Ever – Worried you won’t be around for your kids as they grow up?
Well if you can answer YES to any of these questions then you know exactly how I felt when I started my weight loss journey.
I was at a point of not believing there were any options, I thought I wouldn’t be around for my girls for much longer if I kept doing what I was doing, I didn’t have a mother to guide me when I was growing up so that was a major decision maker for me.
I decided I had to do something to fix what I had broken and I wanted to grow old and happy with my husband, BUT NOT in the physical state I was in.
So now I would like to share a little secret with you, that secret is “Cambridge Weight Plan”.
I say secret because I had never heard of it, I saw the name flash up on TV once and never saw it again, BUT it tweaked my curiosity, so I went searching and what I found was intriguing….. I FOUND A PLAN TO GET MY LIFE BACK!! There is NOTHING MORE VALUABLE!
I found an easy to follow step plan that made sense, with no fear of being locked into something I couldn’t get out of and at minimal cost to me.
With the positive and non-judgemental guidance of my consultant I was supported 100% in every way. I have never felt embarrassed by her and consider her to be my best ally in the maze of life.
I had found a nutritionally dense food program that was highly effective providing safe and fast results, I have never felt hungry on the plan and the benefits of my brain and body being re-programmed to not react just because food was around was an unexpected bonus.
The ease of the CWP step plan becomes an easy to maintain habit which helps long term to prevent old bad habits kicking back in. The key positive aspect of CWP that I loved was incorporating regular food back into my new found life was the magical learning tool, and the “Life Lesson” I needed!
I am now 40kg lighter than when I started and am the happiest and healthiest I have been since I was a teen. If you choose life then let me offer you my guidance and support for the journey that is YOU!
This is your choice, your time!!
Make a time, let’s meet up and find YOU again!
I see clients in an informal, one on one relaxed environment in my home office, any discussion is completely confidential. Let me give you something back, what have you got to lose?

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