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I’m Jenna and a self confessed emotional eater. Whether it’s a happy time, sad time, I’m bored or feeling anxious, food has always been my go to.
In my teens it never seemed to be a problem, but then I reached my twenties and the weight just piled on. Now in my thirties, I feel as though I am a master of dieting, as I have tried every diet going, but always ended up back with the Cambridge weight plan, as it worked wonders for me. The plan not only helped me to lose weight fast, but fit into my busy workday and helped me to re learn how to eat properly again.
If I am honest, every day I still have to work at eating mindfully, but the Cambridge steps help me to do this. Up to now I have now lost an amazing 22kg, and I truly believe, THAT IF I CAN DO IT, I CAN HELP ANYONE TO!
I look forward to meeting with you,