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Hi, my name is Jane. Being from the UK, I had heard a lot about The 1:1 Diet, formerly known as Cambridge Weight Plan. It was famous for its incredible weight loss results and the way it transformed lives. My love for food began at a young age and intensified during my teens, with comfort eating becoming my biggest pastime. Years of yo-yo dieting, especially between having my children, took a severe toll on my mental health, and binge eating became a significant issue. I found myself trapped in a cycle of self-destruction.

At my heaviest, both physically and mentally, I felt completely broken. Seeing no way forward, I decided that weight loss surgery was the answer. However, I soon discovered that surgery alone wasn’t a permanent solution. My weight loss eventually plateaued, and I was left with a BMI that still classified me as obese. Additionally, I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and was approaching pre-menopausal age. It became clear that I needed a sustainable, long-term strategy to achieve a healthy weight.

That’s when I turned to The 1:1 Diet. Why this diet? Several aspects drew me in: no tedious calorie counting, no special foods to shop for, and most importantly, the personalised, one-to-one support. This was exactly what I needed—tailored guidance and encouragement to help me stay on track.

The 1:1 Diet provided me with a structured plan and a dedicated Consultant who supported me every step of the way. With this support, I not only lost weight but also regained my confidence and improved my overall health. It truly transformed my life.

Now, I am passionate about helping others embark on their own journeys to better health. I understand the struggles and the setbacks, but I also know the incredible feeling of overcoming them. Don’t put it off any longer—contact me today, and let’s get you started on a path to a healthier, happier you.


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