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My Cambridge journey has been such a life changing one.

My weight has been something that I have struggled with my entire life. I have, in the past 20+ years tried many other programs, diets and exercise plans. I have lost and gained so many times it hurts! I’ve had so much love in my life and yet even with that, I’d never really learnt to love myself. Especially after my kids were born, all I ever wanted was to be a great, active and confident mum but I was so unhealthy, unfit and unhappy that I never felt I was the mum or the person I wanted to be.

Losing 39kg with Cambridge Weight Plan in 8 months changed everything for me. My success with the program helped me find a strength inside I never knew existed, I found a passion and drive to better myself, not just my appearance! Because I was finally ready to accept that successful weight loss is not just about your body and the way you look… it’s so much more than that!  My consultant gave me the accountability, guidance and support I needed, every step of the way. And with that safety net, I gave myself the greatest gift – that I am no longer a sideline mum, watching my kids have fun without me but am now an active and willing participant in our family activities and life!

I feel so passionate about what I have learnt through Cambridge Weight Plan and inspired by my own consultant that after changing my life, my health and my lifestyle with this program and now successfully navigating my own maintenance journey and living the incredible benefits it has brought to my family’s life and to my mine, that it just felt right to take that passion and knowledge to the next level.

I am so excited that as a Cambridge consultant I will be available to support, guide and help others using this amazing program.

I’d love the chance to help you navigate your own weight loss journey, to inspire and support you, and see if you too, can discover the person you want to be, hidden behind the person you may have become!

So get in touch.

Shrink with Me & CWP! Together, we can do this!

If you have a little to lose or a lot, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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