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I have been in involved in the Health and Wellness industry for over thirty years in a number of modalities, I am an internationally certified Coach, specialising in Weight Management.
My introduction to the Cambridge products stems back many years when I operated a Personal Training and Weight Management centre in Bondi Junction. I was looking for a meal replacement which delivered on the promises they made, but more importantly a product that was not available off the pharmacy or supermarket shelf, as it is a proven fact that to be successful on any weight loss plan, support is essential to achieve your goals and maintain your weight loss. Having someone hold you accountable is important in achieving success. Having the steps set out for you takes the guess work out of knowing what to do at the various stages of your weight management journey. Once you reach your goal, it is important to have ongoing support during the Maintenance phase, which means you are less likely to relapse and regain the weight you have lost. Statistics show 90% of those who loss a significant amount of weight will regain it. However, with this plan you will have ongoing support.
As a Weight Management coach, you will also be given the help needed to reformulate dysfunctional beliefs, which would account for past failures, into sensible helpful beliefs through CBT
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. CBT links three important factors, how we think, (cognition) How we Feel (emotion) and how we act (behaviour). Which comes down to mindset.
I believe The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan will be the last diet you ever go on, as you will not only reach your desired weight, you will have the ongoing support, and through coaching will form positive habits for automatic results.

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