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Sunbury VIC

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5 years consulting

My Story

I first came across the Cambridge Weight Plan in October 2014 having received a flyer in my
At that time I had just commenced a Hypoxi program to shape and tone my body, but needed a plan of action to lose weight.
My Consultant was great at discussing my goals and setting a timeframe to get to my desired weight. I must admit it was easier and much quicker than I thought! She was inspirational in mentoring me when I was setting up my Hypoxi studio in Sunbury in March 2015 and was always there with positive feedback. Together we did the Sunbury show promoting weight loss and shaping as a team. I knew then that this was the only weight loss program that I wanted to promote in my new studio.
Having used the huge variety of products, lost weight and having experienced how fabulous I felt on the program I underwent the training course to become a Consultant. Now I am able to offer the plan to the clients coming into my Hypoxi studio.
See this as a journey not just of weight loss and shaping but a pathway to better understanding how our bodies work and respond when we are healthy and happy.

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