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I have always been interested in food and nutrition, which led me to Cambridge Weight Plan.

After years of struggling with my weight I decided to do something about it.

Some of my friends who had been on the Cambridge program were shedding the kilos, reducing

their clothing size and where loving the results.

It was so encouraging to see the success and their determination.

It was time for me to deal with my weight issues once and for all.

I decided to join the Cambridge Weight Plan program and I experienced

the instant results first hand.

While I was on my own weight loss journey, I encouraged my family and friends to give it a go and see for themselves.

Everyone I know has had a positive outcome, with higher self-esteem and better self-confidence.

What wonderful “side effects” of losing weight.

I’ll listen to you and support you with your own weight loss.

I’ll tell you my story and understand your vision for yourself.

I’ll motivate you to ‘get there’ and see the results you want.

Together we will go through the Cambridge steps to suit your individual needs.

Together we will overcome any challenges to make sure you reach your goal.

I support woman and couples, in a relax environment by appointment.

I look forward to travelling the slimmers journey with you.

Feel free to call me on 0411 241 611 to answer all your questions.


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