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I can support, guide and motivate you to achieve your ultimate weight loss

goal and encourage you to achieve the life and body you want and deserve.

Do you feel unhappy when you look in the mirror?

Do you feel your weight is affecting your health or everyday life?

Sick of yo-yo dieting?

Have you tried many other diets but nothing is working for you?

Maybe you’re just feeling low and fed up.

If you’ve answered YES to any of these, then look no further!

I am the Queen of diets – you name it, I’ve done it, but this plan is the only diet

that has ever worked for me and where I’ve been able to keep the weight off. I was sick of clothes no longer fitting me, sick of feeling like I looked pregnant and sick of feeling so ashamed at how I had let myself go and had lost any self-control with food and drink. Feeling mortified, I

lost 32 kilos in 5 months. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tough but so worth it!

The One2One Diet with The Cambridge Plan can give you a whole load of confidence, happiness and a new perspective on life, with delicious products and my unique and tailored

one on one support.

I am also a Senior Social Worker at Monash Health, and what I love most about Social Work are the emotional connections I share with patients; caring for them, advocating for them, supporting them through tough times and helping them to improve aspects of their lives. The things I love about Social Work I also get from being a Cambridge Consultant. I genuinely care for my clients, I want to help and support them, I like getting to know them, and I love it when they start to feel better about themselves.

So let me help you achieve your ideal weight and stay there for good.

You are worth this! No matter how much you need to lose, each weight loss journey is important & unique so there is a step to suit everybody.

Contact me to start changing your life and start creating your own weight loss success.

What people are saying…

“As a Cambridge consultant, Fi always encourages and motivates her clients. Her positive attitude and her own success story are a testament of the self-disciplined person she is. Fi is professional in her relationship with her clients and is consistent with her weekly uplifting quotes, recipes, and challenges that are happening. Her appointments on-site make us feel accountable and the weekly measurements keep us on track. During the COVID-19 she had to adjust quickly and adapt to the changing circumstances. She was even willing to do home delivery. She makes her clients feel good as she praises even small successes. In the weeks when weight loss is not going well, she motivates the client to pursue their goals and offers alternate strategies. Her workspace is well maintained, inviting and inspiring. I am happy to have Fi as my consultant in my journey towards achieving my weight loss goals.”
– Beverley