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State Rising Star
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My Story


I had been obese most of my life. I was dealing with the emotional pain of people making horrible comments on my weight or looking at me and judging me. Some would offer advice- “Just eat less and exercise” they’d say. Little did they know how difficult it was to even  walk up a flight of stairs. Exercise isn’t that easy when you’re carrying an excess of 40 kilos.

I was forever trying a new diet or program. I had attempted over 20 of these with little or no success. Each one I would start and I’d think this will be it. I would either lose very little or that voice in my head would tell me I couldn’t do it and the comfort eating would take over.

I would wait until my family had gone to sleep at night and I would bring out my ‘treats’ and binge. It was my reward for getting through the day.

My life had become a viscious cycle of poor eating habits, sadness and debilitating migraines. These migraines had plagued me since puberty. My social life was disrupted and my family life was affected. I also discovered that I had a severe case of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which contributed to infertility.

With a family history of Diabetes, Heart disease and Stroke, something had to change.

That change came through a very dear friend who had been battling a her own pain of back problems and immobility. Over the course of a few months I saw her life change in such a positive way. She introduced me to Cambridge Weight Plan and I decided to contact her wonderful consultant to see if she could help me.


I have been able to lose 30 kilos with the one to one support of my amazing consultant. This has been very rewarding as my health has improved drastically but the most rewarding has been the change in my relationship with food, I have acknowledged the emotional connection to eating and have found the stength to deal with that weakness.

As for those sickening migraines- GONE! The script for the medication that I was taking for these hasn’t been filled in over a year.

I am now active and enjoying AND living my life not just watching it pass me by.

Why Cambridge Weight Plan worked for me when everything else I tried failed:

* You have your own consultant who has experienced  success with the program to support you every step of the way. Whether it be via phone, email or face to face.

* There are many options on the plan to suit different lifestyles

* There are over 30 different meal choices, lots of different flavours and textures

* It is affordable, when you consider what you are spending on junk food and snacks

* No gruelling exercise regimes

* Meals are very easy and quick to prepare


 I understand the struggles of being overweight and the overwhelming feeling of trying to lose weight alone. This is why I have now chosen to become an Independent Consultant as I would like to help people achieve a healthier way of life both physically and mentally.

Let me help you find your way to a healthier you.

Whether you want to lose a few kilos or more call, message or email me. I offer free one on one consultations in a private, relaxed environment and I will give you my support and guidance throughout your journey.

What people are saying…

“I met Elizabeth just prior to the coronavirus lockdown so the opportunities for ongoing face-to-face meetings have been limited. However, Elizabeth has continued to keep in regular contact and has been incredibly supportive. When I first got in contact with her, I was struggling with a reaction to other weight-loss products and Elizabeth took the time to work through the issues and find a solution. I love the 1:1 Diet products and have settled well with the program. I have now lost 15.6 kg and am delighted with the result.I would highly recommend both the program and Elizabeth as your consultant. She is a sweetie and you would be assured of a caring supporter.”


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