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I am an experienced clinical dietitian with 30 years experience. My private practice operates on Thursdays and Saturdays in Murrumbeena. On the other days I work at La Trobe University as an Associate Professor teaching dietitians and conducting nutrition research. I have also developed a special range of low sugar, high fibre lupin cookies that can help with weight loss and blood sugars. (www.skinnybik.com)

You are probably wondering why I like Cambridge weight loss products. Dietitians are well trained in the use of meal replacements for weight loss due to the scientific evidence supporting their use. I have chosen Cambridge products over other products due to their superior taste, variety of flavours and lactose free options. Furthermore, I have been impressed with the results hundreds of my patients have had with Cambridge products since I started using them in 2011.

The Cambridge products are embedded in my holistic approach to weight loss and wellness. My focus is to identify the metabolic causes for your weight problems by doing a thorough nutritional assessment (which includes evaluating your medications, supplements, blood tests, symptoms). I will also address any other health issues (especially bowel health/thyroid/insulin resistance) which may be affecting your wellness and ability to lose weight.  Your treatment may require taking certain supplements short-term to correct nutritional deficiencies and to improve your metabolism/bowel health.

Please note that if you have a referral from your GP to see me on the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Program then there IS A GAP OF $25 FOR THE 30min APPOINTMENT. Otherwise, the charge for the initial 30MIN APPOINTMENT IS $80 AND THE REVIEWS ARE $40.  Please feel free to call me about my services or visit my website www.profkourisnutrition.com.au.  I look forward to helping you in your weight loss journey.

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