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After the birth of my third child, everything in my life cascaded into turmoil. My daughter contracted whooping cough at 3 months of age, which put everything in my family’s life on hold while we tried to help her battle through this terrifying period. Thankfully after months of living on the edge, she pulled through.
As I had been on auto pilot for so long, with lack of sleep and stress I had completely dropped the bundle. The rest of the family had seemed to have made a full recovery, but I hadn’t. I was emotionally and physically drained. I didn’t ever stop and give myself the time of day and it resulted in bad food choices, lack of exercise and my weight being out of control. To be blunt, I hated myself. I would wake up every morning loathing myself. My day would start out with a barrage of mentally demeaning thoughts, it was a harsh place to be in and I had become my own worst enemy.
I tried diets of all sorts, but I needed help and admitting it was the first step. Thankfully after seeing the Cambridge Weight Plan advertised I decided to make an appointment. I was ready to face this demon head on and I was going to get rid of it once and for all.
The results really do speak for themselves. It is a huge satisfaction losing weight and feeling empowered and in control. After losing 30 kg I am not only a smaller version of myself but I am a much happier healthier version. My life has changed so much.
I have always wanted to help people and I didn’t really know how I could do this. After being so amazed with my own results on the programme I became a consultant. I listen, I care and I want every client I see to get the same fantastic life turn around that I did. So if you are ready, so am I.
Let me help you, help yourself!

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