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I’m a fruit and vegetable wholesaler, working awkward hours through the night and struggling with two sleeps a day. These working hours combined with my unusual sleeping patterns made it difficult for me to eat right and eat at the right times. I found myself eating on the go with fast foods becoming more and more attractive. I started packing on the kilos and knew I was in trouble when I began to struggle to put my socks on and tie my laces. Carrying the extra weight was making me feel tied, lethargic and lacking in motivation.
I turned 50 and was feeling terrible about myself. My joints began to ache; my blood pressure sky rocketed to the point of requiring medication and was told I was a prime candidate for a stroke or heart attack. I then knew something had to be done.
I saw a 1:1 diet ad on TV which inspired me to pick up the phone and make a change. With the help of Marianne (my 1:1 diet consultant) and the 1:1 diet plan my life was transformed. The biggest challenge was finding the courage to make that call, the rest was easy.
2 months into the plan, I no longer required blood pressure medication.
3 months in, I could tie my laces with ease.
4 months in, my aches and pain had vanished.
5 months in, my son could finally wrap his arms around me clinching his fingers behind my back.
8 months in, I had dropped 25kg and have maintained my weight.
I’m now 52 and feel fantastic. My energy levels, motivation and drive are through the roof. I believe in the 1:1 diet plan so much so that I have become a consultant. I’m ready to inspire and transform the lives of many others.

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