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I am married with 2 adult children. I have been working as a secondary school teacher for over 30 years, and for the last 16 years I have specialized in working with student with special needs, in particular deaf and hard of hearing, having learnt Auslan amongst my many skills.
I have been overweight for almost all of my adult life. I had tried a number of diets over the years, and while I was able to lose some of the weight, I was never able to maintain any weight loss. I was resigned to the fact that my body was meant to be big.
After recovering from breast cancer surgery, chemo and radiation therapy, I found that it was very difficult to control my weight. In fact, for the first time, my weight ballooned to its heaviest, and I soon found myself in my 50s and obese. I was soon plagued with other health issues and I definitely didn’t need my doctor to keep reminding me that I must lose weight.
Seeing my Consultant’s transformation, convinced me to give The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan a go. I have not looked back. The diet was easy to stick to, as it fit in with my lifestyle and the meals are delicious and filling.
I set myself an overall goal to reach a healthy BMI, as at the time I was constantly battling with health issues and was in and out of hospital. I also set myself mini goals along the way, to keep me motivated. It was easy to stick to the plan, allowing myself some minor “slip ups” along the way, but I always focused on my overall goal. I no longer have any health issues, and I am always full of energy. I have lost over 20 kg, and I have been able to maintain my weight for over 18 months now. I have also achieved my overall goal of obtaining a healthy BMI!
It wasn’t until the recent death of a young overweight friend from a heart attack, that I felt compelled to reach out and let people in a similar situation know that there is a program that works. I wanted all my friends to lose weight and get healthy. This is why I decided to become a consultant.
You do NOT have to be overweight any longer! Let me help YOU!

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