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What does living your best life look like?
Before I started the 1:1 diet I was nowhere near living my best life, in fact, if I kept going on that path, I think my life was in danger rather than living my best one.
For me, I envisioned living my best life as being healthier, fitter, to go camping, to join the State Emergency services (SES) and perform the tasks needed like getting on roofs, cutting up trees, cutting people out of cars and feeling confident in the SES overalls!
After being motivated to live my best life, I started my 1:1 journey at the start of 2019 – and 7 months later, I had lost 55kg.
So, how’s my best life looking now?
I joined the Pakenham SES and yes, I look amazing in the overalls, I go camping regularly, I am fitter and healthier all thanks to the 1:1 diet.
An added bonus: I was proudly a slimmer of the year finalist, and I was on television! I featured on the studio 10 show giving an interview regarding my weight loss.
Im living my best life.
This is why I have chosen to become a consultant providing motivation, guidance and support to men and women on their weight loss journey with the 1:1 diet.
Let me help you live your best life!

Whether you want to lose a few kilos or more call, message or email me. I offer free one on one consultations in a private, relaxed environment and I will give you my support and guidance throughout your journey.

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