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Osborne Park WA

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Osborne Park WA


Consulting hours
Mon to Friday - 6pm to 7pm
Saturday and Sunday - 10am to 4pm
Additional times can also be offered by appointment


Works from home
Remote Consultant

My Story

As the founder of The Perth Healing Room, I passionately support my clients in finding their most vibrant, self-nurturing and authentic lives, including losing weight with the 1:1 diet by the Cambridge Weight Plan.
You may have landed here on my page because you feel that you are being held back from being who you really want to be; and this is where I can help support you in reaching your weight loss goals.
Imagine not only working towards the life you want but also reaching your goals while embracing the journey along the way. I will encourage you to re-evaluate your personal power and realise you can, in fact, create the life you love!
I have successfully helped many clients individually or as part of a group (family and friends) by offering one-to-one support with weigh-ins, measuring and mindset coaching.
With me as your consultant, you can expect the following:
• I offer a range of flexible appointments to suit your specific needs. Children are also welcome.
• I offer evening and weekend consultations
• I work from Home
• There is FREE PARKING available
• Free after care and support to help you reach and maintain your dream weight
• You can contact me via Text and Facebook for extra support
• I will keep a photo diary of your progress from beginning to end
I am also a life coach, meditation teacher and a reiki practitioner
You are welcomed into an open and safe place for you to question your behaviours, clarify your intentions, imagine new possibilities and clear obstacles so you can begin to make your dreams a reality.
I personally found weight loss success with the 1:1 diet in 2015 when I lost 15kg after struggling with my weight after 5 years of grieving over the loss of a loved one. At the start of my weight loss journey, I had tried all kinds of diets with no success. A friend suggested that I try the Cambridge Weight Plan and I was quite sceptical but went on to being amazed by the range of delicious products and consistent weekly weight loss!
I now always go back to the plan when I do gain a few extra plans, and it never fails to impress me!
From personal experience, I know what it can feel like to not feel our best, so I encourage my clients to be mindful in all areas of their lives on a daily basis. You support can be tailored to suit your own individual needs.

I am a certified life coach and meditation teacher

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