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Toodyay WA


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My Story

Through working away in the FIFO world for many years, the kgs sneakily crept on – poor time management with long hours, so much food already prepared for you. Then came……menopause. 😒
This lead to trying many diets over the years and riding the roller coasters of dieting.
Finally my Dr suggested the The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. With the ongoing support of my consultant I managed to lose the extra unwanted kgs and keep it off. HOORAY!!
With my new found health and the happiness (they go hand in hand), I decided to become a consultant and help as many people as possible who had suffered like me.
I live in a small community so have an understanding of isolation. Relating to how challenging this can be, I honestly get the importance of support.
I thoroughly enjoy consulting both in person and remotely (which allows me to reach a much wider community) through skype, facetime, messenger etc, with the tools and skill sets I have gathered through my own journey.
I look forward to supporting you on your journey to your weight loss goals and beyond.

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