Carolyn O’Hagan

Newcomb VIC

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Works from home
Remote Consultant
National Finalist
5 years consulting
Bronze Team Champion

My Story

In 2008, I had a serious car accident which left me in hospital for eighteen weeks. I had multiple injuries and the road back has been longer and more complicated than expected. Even though I can now walk and exercise, it is not without limits and pain. The accident led to me being at home, self absorbed and needing distractions. Food provided this sometimes. Slightly larger size serves or second helpings gave me more kilos to carry!
The time came when my doctor took my blood pressure and told me I had to do something to help myself. A Cambridge Consultant had just started consulting from her surgery, two days later had an appointment to see her and so began my journey to better health!
I didn’t really believe it was going to work but didn’t have any options as my doctor was looking over my shoulder. I was so surprised when I lost weight in the first week and every week after, I was finally a believer. Cambridge Weight Plan has helped me to become more active and energetic. It has also restored my self-esteem.
I am very encouraged by the number of people who have noticed the change in me and want to do the same for themselves. This spurred me on to become an Accredited Cambridge Consultant. I believe if I can do it, anyone can! I now want to help others in their weight loss journey.
I am very grateful to my doctor for suggesting Cambridge to me and to my Consultant.
Please call me to arrange an appointment for a consultation. I WILL help you in your weight loss journey, to better health and a more active life.

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