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Cronulla NSW

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Cronulla NSW



Works from home
Remote Consultant
International Slimmer of the Year

My Story

Are you feeling fed up, run down, depressed, uncomfortable and maybe not sexy.
At times the list can seem never ending.

Having had all those thoughts and feeling myself, including being afraid to go out, uninterested in life’s simplest pleasures
and not wanting to even look at yourself in the mirror, I know I can support you.

At first I was sceptical about Cambridge Weight though willing to try anything.
At 35, my mental health was suffering and after trying what felt like was every other “diet” out there,
my thought started to become “I was destined to be miserable and unhappy for ever”

Thankfully a family member was having so much success, on Cambridge, I decided to give it a shot and have never looked back.
With 1:1 support and Cambridge Weight Plan, personally reducing over 25kgs, I gained my life and my confidence back.

I am passionate about helping people regain their love of life and reach their personal weight loss goals, I decided to become a consultant.

Please contact me for an appointment and let’s get you on track to regaining your life back.