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I have always been relatively active and fit but my weight has been up and down pre- and post- having 2 children. Over the years I have tried several plans and diets, along with exercise regimes but shifting the last few kilos has never happened.

After Covid lockdown (and perhaps a few too many chocolate biscuits and glasses of wine!) I found myself at the heaviest weight I had been in quite some time. With my 2 children getting older and the number of out of school activities increasing, I was finding it hard to prioritise any sort of meal plan for me and getting increasingly disheartened. Then I committed to the 1:1 diet and fast forward, I have now lost that stubborn 6kgs and very quickly too. I am happily at my target weight and maintaining it! The 1:1 Diet product’s made things super easy for me to focus on my diet whilst ensuring the rest of my family had the nutritious food, they needed without really adding any extra time pressure to my already busy family life. I also really enjoyed the products which made sticking to my meal plan, so much easier, they are very tasty!

I have always been keen to learn more about nutrition and have been on a bit of a journey to increase my understanding, especially since having children. The 1:1 step process has really strengthened my understanding of portions, foods to focus on and general healthy eating, all of which I have now included not just in my own diet, but my families as well.

Having seen family and friends struggle with weight from an early age, some through medical conditions, some just struggling with not knowing how to eat, I decided I really wanted to help others achieve their healthy weight goals through putting to use what I have learnt.

So, whether it is a large amount of weight that you want to lose or getting rid of those last few kilos that won’t budge, I’d really love to help you achieve your goals and start leading a happier healthier life.

Message me today! Bec: 0406 655 877

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