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2015 seems a lifetime ago. I was a stay at home mother of a toddler and a baby, aged 15 months apart. I was depressed, had low self esteem and with that came insecurities, affecting my relationship. I was a binge eater and would often buy snacks that I knew my tot didn’t like. It was easier to hide that they were for me, if they were covered in Peppa pig packaging. Being overweight my whole life, I learnt to laugh off the fat jokes and would even join in with making fun of myself to lighten the blow. My partner would always flatter me with compliments, which only added fuel to the fire. Trying every diet, and even begging my gp for help, my weight kept creeping up! I was at a loss. Reading a magazine in bed one night, I came across the story of Carolyn Dimech who lost 32kgs with Cambridge Weight Plan. I showed my partner who was hesitant. Was it just another diet I’d throw in the bin? I contacted the website the very next day. After speaking with my consultant, Nicole, I was adamant! I had finally found something where I could lose weight and actually keep it off! I was unsure of trying more shakes as I could never stomach them, however Nicole reassured me they were delicious, and she was 100% right! All of the products taste amazing! I was a remote client which meant my consultations were via Skype. I was apprehensive. However, Nicole was with me every step of the way, answering my texts and phone calls at any time. The support was amazing and I lost 40kgs and was a finalist for ‘Slimmer of the year 2016’ and won a makeover competition. It was incredible and gave me such a confidence boost!

I managed to maintain my weight loss, and in 2018, I fell pregnant with twins. For the first time, I wasn’t concerned about gaining all the weight back, because I had learnt how to be my healthiest. I had the best pregnancy Out of all 3, and the twins were high risk! Giving in to the cravings a few too many times, I gained 15kgs. I contacted Nicole 3 months post partum. Always there with open arms, we eased back into it, and I lost the excess 15kgs. I feel amazing and have the energy to run after my 4 children. Even waking to my twins during the night is enjoyable, rather than a chore!

4 years ago, I’d have never dreamed of being where I am today, healthy, loving life and running alongside my children.

I’m proud of how far I’ve come, and I’d love for you to experience this amazing transformation with my support.

I can help you get to your personal goals and feeling how you should be feeling- incredible!

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